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Every Dollar: Budgeting Made Easy

See Progress With a Proven Plan

EveryDollar is based on a plan that seeks to help millions of people take control of their money, get out of debt, and save so they can live and give like never before! Whatever your life goals may be, EveryDollar can help you get there.

Live More. Worry Less.

Experience the freedom that comes with an EveryDollar budget. No more wondering where your money went—because you told it where to go. So go ahead and take that summer vacation to the beach. Your budget said you could!

The EveryDollar iPhone app makes it easy for you to track transactions on the go or even check your budget at the grocery store—you know, just to see if there’s room for an extra box of cookies.

iPhone App Features:

  • Update your budget quickly. Any time. Any place.
  • Know how you’re doing with your money at a glance.
  • Track new transactions on the go.

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